MSMSCumberland, RI
When I first came to Dr. Tad and CIMH I felt like I had the flu all the time. I would get a fever every day at 3:00 pm. I had no energy at all to do everyday activities. I felt like I had to drag myself through life.Since starting treatments at CIMH I feel that I have a lot of energy and that my life is back to somewhat “normal living.” Now I can complete many tasks with my husband who has Parkinson’s Disease that I never would have been able to keep up with prior to coming.Thank you Dr. Tad and your doctors for helping get my life back! May God bless you!

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CRCRLincoln, RI
I recently had an acid reflux attack that was so severe I was immobilized. During the night I took 10 antacids and nothing touched the pain. The next morning when it lessened enough for me to get to Dr. Tad I came in for an emergency visit. The girls in the office got me right in a room and I could just about get myself on the table. When Dr. Tad came in he knew exactly where to place the needles to relieve my pain. Before he left the room I had relief and when I came out of my treatment, I felt like the attack never happened! Thank you Dr. Tad and staff!

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JBJBLincoln, RI
When I started coming to see Dr. Tad I had issues with sinus infections, headaches, low energy levels and congestion.Following the start of my acupuncture treatments, I had increased energy, better sleep habits and reduced congestion in my sinus cavities.  I was able to cut down on my allergy medication and reduced my visits to the pulmonary doctor and allergy doctor.Overall, I had a much better quality of life.  Changes in the weather do not impact me like they used to in the past.  My energy levels are much higher and if my symptoms do happen to reoccur, they do not last as long as they did prior to acupuncture.  My symptoms are a lot easier to deal with and dissipate much quicker.  I have not had a sinus infection in almost 2 years!

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DBDBNorth Dartmouth MA
My lower back pain limited my activities on most days and especially during times of “flare ups”. I was taking muscle relaxers, pain medications and anti-inflammatory medication. All the medication did was make me feel drowsy and nauseas. During the Summer of 2008, my daughter-in-law recommended Dr. Tad because she had experienced pain relief with Dr. Tad and his acupuncture treatments. After five months of frequent treatments, the pain diminished considerably. Now I am in my second year of maintenance and I am feeling great! We have continued with the strengthening and wellness phase which results with 99% pain free days. I am active again but still cautious and careful. Dr. Tad has brought me to the level of being pain free!

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Understanding what acupuncture can do for you…
What Is Acupuncture?

“What is acupuncture? Isn’t that the needle thing?” While these questions are still all too common, the truth is that if they are willing to give it an honest try, there are many people who can benefit from acupuncture treatments. This isn’t just a strange on the outskirts type of treatment: scientific studies have shown that acupuncture has a remarkable number of benefits that can help to treat an amazing variety of ailments.

There’s no question that acupuncture has been shown to be an amazing low impact treatment option for a variety of issues that many people suffer from. An old Chinese practice using needles and and special parts of the body to harness the chi or “qi” to help a person’s body heal itself. While people who don’t believe in the energy concepts behind much of Eastern medicine, there’s no denying the real life effectiveness that acupuncture treatment has in treating a wide variety of ailments.

Providence, RI Acupuncture Treatment


Radiant woman receiving an acupuncture treatment in a health spa

So Just What Is Acupuncture?

The acupuncture needles are used to gently prick the skin just enough to be held in place as treatment is occurring. The needles are designed to be used in spots where the Chinese believe a body’s chi is most likely to be harnessed or accessed. This energy release is believed to have an incredible number of healing benefits that can help a remarkable variety of issues.

Not every experience with acupuncture is going to be the same. Some use a few needles, while other treatments might have several batches of needles. There are also off-versions that involve the burning of incense close by or even using needles that are designed with incense on the end so they are lit and give off a fragrance that at the very least many people find relaxing. That additional setting can help bring in calm and help patients de-stress.

A Brief History of Acupuncture

The earliest known specific mentions of acupuncture as a medical treatment come out of China from around 100 BCE. While this is the first clear mention of acupuncture in the records as a medical treatment, there are signs of tools and various recovered needles and similar tools that go back thousands of years BCE and suggest that earlier forms of acupuncture existed well before these earliest written records.

Acupuncture quickly became a common treatment for a variety of ailments, and its effectiveness had a huge part to play in that. If acupuncture was helping with pain, chronic pain, and other ailments again and again, why wouldn’t patients keep coming back for more?

While the book titled “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” is the first place where there is a clear discussion of acupuncture, it was actually revised and codified medical texts from China during the Ming dynasty over a millennium that would turn acupuncture into a more streamlined and precise practice that modern acupuncture practices are all based off of today.

What Can Acupuncture Treat?

When asking what is acupuncture, it’s important to understand that this treatment focuses on overall spiritual health of the body and thus can help treat a variety of ailments.

Just a few of the different issues treated at our Providence location include:

Acupuncture is used to treat dozens upon dozens of different issues, so don’t assume that small list covers it all. One of the great truths of Eastern medicine is that treating the energy and the spirit and setting that right will help take care of the physical ailments that are often simply a negative side effect of energy issues.


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